Antonian College Preparatory High School

About Us

About Us

Antonian College Preparatory High School is a Catholic co-educational high school located in San Antonio with a new standard of excellence unlike any other school in the city.

Antonian is the school of choice for Catholic High School Education serving students from twenty-eight (28) different parish schools and is the final link in a superb Archdiocesan Catholic educational system. It provides a quality college preparatory education for students in grades 9 through 12 and has become one of the most sought-after Catholic high schools in South Texas.

Mission Statement
Antonian College Preparatory High School, a Catholic co-educational school, is committed to providing a college preparatory education integrated with the teaching and sharing of the Catholic faith in partnership with parents and students founded on excellence, tradition and innovation.

Who is the Antonian Student?
The Antonian student is wholesome, one who cares about his/her peers and one who is grateful for the opportunity to attend this school.

The Antonian student becomes focused on doing the very best and accomplishing those goals that are established by himself/herself, by parents and by teachers.

The Antonian student is compassionate, seeking mostly to serve others and especially his/her peers rather than himself/herself.

The Antonian student is respectful, knowing the proper time and place to be playful and serious.

The Antonian student seeks opportunities and grasps opportunities to learn about leadership and how best to becomea leader in his/her own way.

The Antonian student is sensitive toward members of the opposite gender seeking to interact with and share experiences.

Lastly, the Antonian student learns to understand his/her own spirituality and is strengthened by the notion that his/her faith is made more whole as a result of his/her daily interactions at school and outside of school.

We are very proud of our students. Each has a unique individuality and an unlimited potential. The high school years are important in that through these experiences youngsters are formed. Who they are today will be magnified ten-fold in the next four years. Our task at Antonian is to assist in their formation. As a potter forms his clay, we believe it is our task to form our children, in partnership with parents. We are not satisfied to simply allow kids to coagulate into an existence that the environment, in and out of school, will influence. We must encourage and lift up their spirits, while at the same time being mindful that they are in their formative years and that as such, they need our guidance, correction and sometimes our discipline.

We believe the choice is clear - Antonian is the school of choice in San Antonio.

We do not wish to toot our horn. We do not wish to develop a dynamic where we put down others to make ourselves feel more superior. We simply wish to do the best we can to serve our students and to let people know that your children are in the best hands possible. Their minds and hearts will be filled with the joy of Christ.

Some come to know their God during their high school years. For others it takes a little longer. Our perspective over the last thirty plus years has not changed. Young people are people of faith. Their philosophical base - the necessary ingredients needed to succeed and become - is solidified throughout their school years.

The more we can touch their hearts, the fuller their lives will be - for it is within that special place in their hearts that the soul resides.