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AntonianCollege Preparatory High School


Welcome To Antonian

Message from the Principal

On behalf of the entire Antonian community, I welcome you to our website! No matter how you have come upon our site, I am happy that you found us.

Since 1964, we have been offering the young people of San Antonio an education in the Catholic tradition. The men and women who serve our students and their families are exceptional educators. Our community is blessed with a rich tradition steeped in the care of each individual. Our ultimate desire is to help form young women and young men into the people that God is calling them to be – people with courage to lead and passion to serve.
We are building traditions of excellence every day. Traditions of success do not happen by chance. Rather, they are forged through vision and hard work and require a commitment to personal excellence.

Antonian strives unabashedly for excellence. There are those who argue that excellence is a relative term that requires open and commensurate competition. Others posit that excellence is a personal quest, immune from competition or public recognition. At Antonian, as in the real world of real human endeavors, excellence is both.

Ours is a competitive world, and to be effective agents of change, our students must be prepared to engage the world realistically and enthusiastically. Antonian strives to develop the mind, body, spirit, and imagination of every student. Our challenging academic curriculum and diverse extracurricular program provide a tremendous training ground in that development and offer students the chance to challenge themselves in physical, emotional, and personal ways.

Yet, excellence can be too simply measured if the only yardstick is a scoreboard, an SAT score, or a class rank. It is not a function of raw ability or a highly–honed talent. Some are destined to be taller or faster than others, but none is destined to be more excellent. Excellence is the persistent application of that unique combination of individual talents that make each of us more fully human today than we were yesterday.

For our faculty, excellence cannot be taught unless it is lived. It is the stand that each teacher, coach, counselor, and administrator at Antonian must take individually and collectively to inspire our students to surpass yesterday’s limits and gain a foothold on higher ground. The skills we strive to instill – discipline, organization, and leadership – will serve our students in college and beyond.

There are great things happening at Antonian College Preparatory High School. Please take your time to check out our outstanding academic programs as well as the myriad number of co-curricular programs we offer. Additionally, I would also encourage you to look at the many ways we help our students put their faith and their love into action each day.

It’s a Great Day to be an Apache!!!

Tim Petersen