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Student Retreats

Freshmen retreat:  TRUST- This is a day retreat where a group of Seniors lead the Freshmen class in a day of fellowship and reflection  to share some spiritual foundation that can help them in their transition to High School.


Sophomores service day:  SERVIAM- Our sophomores come together as a class to go out  to different organizations in the San Antonio community and lend their hands and hearts in service to those in need. 


Juniors retreat: NET ministries are a fantastic team of college students who devout a year of their lives to lead high school retreats, our Juniors experience a NET day retreat in two different dates (class is split in half).


Please sign up your son/daughter who is a junior using the following links:



Wednesday, December 6th (boys' signup sheet - 49 max):


Wednesday, December 6th (girls' signup sheet - 43 max):


Thursday, December 7th (boys' signup sheet - 50 max):


Thursday, December 7th (girls' signup sheet - 43 max):


Parents, please use the following link to donate items/volunteer to help:


Seniors retreat:  KAIROS- Our Seniors have the option to attend a Kairos retreat.  This is a four day retreat to deepen in knowledge of self and God which will provide a firm foundation as they prepare for their next step in their lives.