Antonian College Preparatory High School

Campus Ministry

Campus Ministry

 The Campus Ministry program creates authentic experiences in the Christian community among and for students, faculty and staff. It is a program of liturgical, pastoral, and educational services that gives witness to the Gospel message. By integrating the school's mission and philosophy with community service, campus ministry enables and promotes an environment for members of the school community.

On the larger front, the Campus Minister is responsible for organizing our weekly School Mass celebrations, prayer services, retreats and service projects. It is also the responsibility of the Campus Minister to serve each individual at Antonian on a personal basis. The four years that a student spends in high school are filled with growth and transition. Sometimes these changes can bring anxiety into the lives of our youth. It is the mission of the Office of Campus Ministry to provide each student with a confidential outlet to share any problems, issues, or concerns that they may be experiencing. 

Components of Campus Ministry

Sacraments and Prayer

Join us every day for morning Mass!  7:15 am at the Chapel of the Saints

Tuesday: Sacrament of Reconciliation is available during lunches

Wednesday: School Wide Mass

First Fridays of the month: Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament through Theology classes



As Pope Francis says: "We all have the duty to do good." As part of our formation program, we ask students to report a minimum of 100 hours of service as a graduation requirement.  For detailed information about these requirements please see our "Christian Community Service" tab.


Class retreats

Each year students attend class retreats. These take place off-site and are a good opportunity to foster fellowship among each grade level, to have a time for prayers, and personal growth. The retreat program has extensive offerings for students to examine their faith life in a safe and nurturing environment.


Freshmen retreat: Monday, September 26th (all students are to report to Antonian at 8am retreat will be held at Holy Trinity Catholic Church.  School provides transportation to and from retreat facility.  Students will be back at school by 3:30pm)


Sophomores retreat:  Service day retreat on Thursday, March 23rd.


Juniors retreat:  November 15 and 16 (the class will be split in half and have a day retreat back to back) Please sign up for your day retreat in the links below:

Tuesday, November 15th (boys' signup sheet- 44 max): 

Tuesday, November 15th (girls' signup sheet-52 max): 

Wednesday, November 16th (boys' signup sheet-45 max): 

Wednesday, November 16th (girls' signup sheet-53 max): 

Parents' sign up for donations and volunteer time: 



Seniors:  Friday, April 21st! 



 Apache Life –  Every other Thursday at 6:30pm at the Gallery.  The goal of these “Life Nights” is to provide students a chance to experience God in a different way as they engage with their peers. 


High School Apostles-  This is a great leadership program to help you form a community of friends centered in Christ with teens from different High Schools! We have monthly meetings and retreats.  For more information about applications please contact Ms. Angela.


Alpha groups- Got questions? Try Alpha!Alpha is a tool for the New Evangelization that is being used by thousands of Catholic parishes in over 70 countries around the world. Alpha creates an environment and opportunity for an encounter with Jesus. As Pope Francis likes to say, it's a chance for "Jesus to find them.”  More than 27 million people have experienced Alpha. It attracts many people, especially youth, who ask, "Is there more to life than this?" -  We'll have Alpha groups at Antonian on Tuesdays during lunch time beginning Tuesday, September 27th.