Announcements | February 22nd

Apache Awards Club:
Apache Awards Club will be holding an ice cream sale February 24th and 25th. This will include your choice of toppings, as well. You can purchase your ice cream and different toppings online, or during lunch, with a credit card. Enjoy!!!
Sewn With Love: 
Sewn With Love is doing a Double Good virtual popcorn fundraiser! It's 100% contactless and gets shipped right to you! Popcorn flavors include cheddar, caramel, Oreo, kettle and many more. Find a club member to get their link to our pop- up shop. Thanks for your support!
Science National Honor Society: 
There will be a Science National Honor Society meeting on Tuesday Feb 23 at 3:45 pm. The meeting will be virtual and the link will be posted on Google Classroom.
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