Welcome From Our Dean of Academics


Antonian enjoys one of the finest academic reputations in San Antonio with a graduation rate of 100%, in addition to a 98% college admissions statistic. Over the past several years, the graduating classes have been accepted by a variety of colleges and universities, including many prominent schools such as Harvard, Yale, MIT, Boston University, Notre Dame, Columbia, Rice, DePaul, Cornell, and the like. Additionally, students have been blessed with the acquisition of millions of dollars in scholarship funds. For example, the class of 2021 was awarded over $28 million dollars in scholarships!

There are many factors that, when combined properly, contribute to Antonian’s continued success. The school’s Leadership Team together with the faculty establishes yearly goals and objectives which, when coupled with a high degree of commitment on behalf of students, form the impetus for school-wide effectiveness. Students at Antonian also enjoy a rigorous curriculum that assists in their intellectual development. The curriculum itself teaches a very basic discipline of mental habits as well as a meticulous examination of the subject matter. Our academic requirements for incoming freshmen are as follows:

An analysis of testing data shows that students are achieving well above the national norm, with the mean score for Antonian students to be in the top 10% of scores nationally.