2021 Summer Camps

Sports camps are open to students 9th-12th grade unless noted otherwise.  Our coaches will train and refine athletes in fundamentals, team skills, and strength & conditioning. For questions about ACP summer camps, please contact:


Assistant Director of Athletics
Coach Samantha McLure


2021 Summer Camp Protocols
Updated 3/19/2021
Below are protocols that Antonian will be using as we move through the summer.  Understand that, although state guidelines may vary, Antonian will still require athletes and coaches to abide by protocols to ensure the safety of those around you. As recommendations change, our policies may change as well.
  1. A pre-screening all students for COVID-19 symptoms that they or others living in their house may experience. This will be completed in writing, prior to each successive week of camp. Students and staff must self-screen every day for COVID-19 symptoms for themselves and their family members. Antonian will consider taking the temperature of each student each day at the start of the conditioning sessions, if possible.
  2. Antonian will have hand sanitizer or hand-washing stations readily available in the workout area. Students and staff are encouraged to use it frequently.
  3. Students will not be given access to locker rooms or shower facilities. Students should report to workouts/camp in proper gear and immediately return home to shower at the end of the workout/camp.
  4. Students may be placed in working groups that will allow an appropriate distance from other working groups.
  5. During workouts, Antonian will have at least one staff member per twenty students in attendance to ensure appropriate social distancing, hygiene, and safety measures are being implemented. 
  6. No clothing or towels may be laundered on-site or shared during workouts.
  7. There can be no shared water or food. Students MUST bring their own water bottle.  
  8. Workout stations must be spaced to allow for at least ten feet of distance between them in all directions. Some exercises may require more than ten feet of distance.
  9. Antonian will not allow anyone, not essential, at workouts to reduce the number of parents, friends, or other family members around the workout areas and parking areas. Parents or other family members picking up their children should stay in their cars.  We will dismiss the kids to you once the practices/camps are completed.  



Registration is online through Active Network, a third-party service. You will have to create an account. Please note, you DO NOT have to sign up for Active Advantage or Booking Protect. Those fields are optional. Should you have any questions regarding registration please contact the Communications Office at 210-344-9265 ext. 106.


**Refund Policy**

Should your child be unable to attend their registered session you may contact Mason Finch at mfinch@antonian.org for a requested refund. To receive a full refund (excluding processing fee) notice should be given at least 72 hours before their session begins. Notice after the 72 hours a 50% refund will be processed back to your card.