Counseling Support Services


  • Provided through a Christ-centered, solution-focused approach.
  • Services are both proactive and responsive in nature and facilitate the students’ intellectual, spiritual, moral, social, and emotional development so that students can more effectively manage their lives and realize their God-given potential.
  • Centered on the formation of the whole person, services are offered to all students through class guidance lessons,
    individual and small group counseling sessions, as well as to all parents through parent and family counseling support.
Counseling support services are provided by a licensed mental health professional, Andrea Gonzalez, PsyD, Director of Counseling Support Services.
Whole-Class Formation Lessons
  • Lessons take place once a month, with the exception of December and May, for each grade.
  • Topics of Focus:
    • Spiritual - Virtues, Theology of the Body, self-dignity and self-worth, respect, and compassion;
    • Educational - Setting goals, time management, learning styles;
    • Vocational - God’s calling for them, career as a vocation and ministry, becoming servant leaders;
    • Personal/social - Forming healthy relationships and friendships, forgiving vs. reconciling after being/feeling harmed in any way, managing stress and conflict, understanding self and others, respectful communication and social media.
**In the case of a hybrid school model or distance learning, guidance will be delivered online in the form of student newsletters, counselor video lessons, and/or online resources and information.

Individual, Small Group, and Family Sessions

  • Available each day, to all students as needed/requested. These services may assist students with a variety of different issues/challenges (anxiety, stress, friendship/relationship issues or conflict, family stressors such as coping with changes at home, separation, and divorce, illness, etc.) that may affect their academic performance or behavioral/emotional functioning at school. 
  • Students may self-refer for counseling service or may be referred by parents, teachers, and/or other faculty/administrations. Please email Dr. Gonzalez, if you would like more information and/or to make a referral.  
  • For outside counseling referrals please email Dr. Gonzalez and/or see the referral recommendations list to the right of the page or click here.
  • To request or schedule an appointment click here. 
Learning Center Support

Counseling support services may also work in consultation with the learning center to coordinate services that are connected to academic interventions and accommodations. Faculty may communicate academic alerts so that tutoring services can be provided and coordinated through the counseling office.



  • Provides individualized assistance to students with documentation of different learning needs.
  • Promotes a collaborative partnership with parents, teachers, administration, and counselors in order to help enable each student to achieve optimal success.
  • Services provided by the Learning Center include accommodations, testing/diagnostic information,
    progress monitoring, dyslexia interventions, skill-building, and Academic Seminar support classes.
Learning Center services are provided by Jodi Petersen Director of the Learning Center, Jenny Braulick Learning Center Specialist, and Kai Petersen Learning Center Assistant.
For more information, click here.