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What is Naviance?

Naviance is the platform used by Antonian College Preparatory High School to organize and administer all student college and career needs. 

The system includes the following features

  • Search and compare colleges;
  • Locate scholarships;
  • Ability to do interest inventories;
  • Create a resume;
  • Request recommendation letters;
  • And request transcripts.


Students should create a resume using the resume feature on Naviance.  It is user-friendly and auto-formats when printed.  The resume should be updated every semester in order to thoroughly reflect a student’s high school career.  The resume will be used by recommenders to aid in the writing of more in-depth letters on the student’s behalf.

Requesting Letters of Recommendation

Students must request a letter of recommendation directly from the recommender first.  Be sure to let the recommender know how you are applying to schools (CommonApp/ApplyTexas etc.).  Once accepted, a student must give a resume to the recommender and then add the teacher in Naviance under the “recommendation” tab.  By adding the recommender to Naviance this allows the recommender to link the student’s resume to their Naviance account.


For outside recommenders the student must have the recommender send the letter to their counselor for upload into the Naviance system. 

No more than two letters of recommendation should be requested.

College Research

Naviance is equipped with numerous college search features.  Students are encouraged to use these features to identify schools that are good fits for them as well as to compare schools with each other.

Career Research

Students are encouraged to take advantage of the many career research features offered within the Naviance system.  The “Career Interest Profiler” will help students match interests and personality to possible careers and majors. 

Scholarship Research

The Antonian counselors keep a list of scholarships and scholarship sites under the “scholarships” tab.  This is an excellent starting point when looking for outside scholarships, but it is only a starting point and should not be the only resource that students make use of.