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Safety and Security Procedures

Ferrara Stadium
We are excited to welcome our students and families to Ferrara Field to cheer on our Antonian Apaches, along with the Silver Dancers, cheerleaders, and band.
As we approach the our home game and with our continued emphasis on safety for our employees, students, and families during this pandemic, we want to take this opportunity to remind you of the safety and security procedures at Ferrara Field for all home football games (freshmen, junior varsity, and varsity). 
COVID Procedures:
  1. All visitors at Ferrara Field are required to wear a face mask/cloth covering at all times, even while seated in the bleachers).
  2. All visitors are subject to temperature checks prior to entering the stadium. We kindly ask that you self-check for COVID-19 symptoms before coming to campus.
  3. All visitors must present a ticket to be scanned at the gate. Antonian will NOT be selling tickets at the gate. If you are in need of tickets, you may purchase by clicking here.
  4. All visitors must sit in a designated seat that will be marked with seat markers.
  5. All visitors must maintain social distancing (a minimum of 6 feet) between you and other spectators who are NOT in the same household. 
  6. There is no re-entry once a person leaves the stadium.
  7. Barricade gates will be closed and traffic stopped while athletes are moving from the field to the field house/locker rooms.
Seating in the facilities will be staggered, similar to the image below:
*Disclaimer: Antonian reserves the right to ask a spectator to leave the facility if he/she is not complying with the safety protocols in place. 
Additional Procedures:
  1. All visitors are subject to search by portable metal detecting wands before entering the stadium at all entrances. 
  2. Backpacks are prohibited. No exceptions. 
  3. Fans, officials, and event staff are asked to avoid bringing any bags, if possible. If bags must be brought in there are to be in a clear, see-through bag. Only small purses (4.5” x 6.5”), diaper bags, camera bags, and medical bags are allowed in the stadium. All personal items are subject to search at the gate. Antonian reserves the right for gate staff to determine whether a personal item is allowable in the stadium. 
  4. There is no re-entry once a person leaves the stadium.
  5. Sideline passes are REQUIRED to be on the track during the game. Under no circumstance should a spectator be on the field, even with a sideline pass, unless that person is a member of the Antonian athletic department or administration. No exceptions. To requests a sideline media pass, please click here.
  6. For safety reasons, spectators are restricted from entering the field before, during, or immediately after the game.
The Castle Hills Police Department will have police officers on duty and on-site during the game. In addition, campus administrators and school personnel are on duty during all athletic events.  
Prohibited Items:
  1. All outside food, drinks, backpacks, coolers, ice chests, picnic baskets, and glass containers are prohibited. (Concession stands are available.)
  2. Artificial noisemakers including whistles, horns, air-horns, laser pointers, and/or electric megaphones are not allowed in the stadium. Traditional megaphones for cheerleaders, cowbells, and shakers will be allowed. Spectators are not permitted to use cheerleader megaphones.
  3. No projectile items, including but not limited to frisbees, beach balls, other sports balls, etc. should be thrown by a spectator. It is strongly recommended that items construed to be projectiles not be brought into the stadium. 
  4. Confetti and streamers are not allowed.
  5. Animals are not permitted, with the exception of service animals and service animals in training.
  6. Tobacco products of any kind (including e-cigarettes/vapes) are not allowed on school property-- the entire Antonian campus—which includes all parking lots and the stadium.
  7. Alcohol and gambling are prohibited on school property-- the entire Antonian campus—which includes all parking lots and the stadium.
  8. Handguns, illegal knives, or other weapons are prohibited on school property-- the entire Antonian campus—which includes all parking lots and the stadium.
  9. Face-painting and spray-on hair color are not allowed and all patrons must be fully clothed.
  10. Any person violating the above guidelines may be ejected from the event without a refund.
Signs are permitted and must be handheld, event-related, in good taste, and cannot obstruct another guest's view. Our administration reserves the right to confiscate signs that are in violation of the above stadium guidelines.
We hope to foster a positive environment, with respect for officials and opposing teams and players. Antonian fans should cheer on the Apaches and not against the opponent. Please help us in promoting this type of environment for all our games no matter the location, but especially at all of our home games.
Thank you.
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