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Our Faith, Our Future, Our Time Capital Campaign

The “Our Faith, Our Future, Our Time” Capital Campaign is about more than physical structures. It is about creating new opportunities for students to build confidence, develop leadership skills, expand their knowledge, and challenge ideas — all made possible by the dedication and hard work that will take place in these new buildings. With your generous contribution, present and future Antonian students will be better prepared academically, athletically, socially, and spiritually — for college and beyond.

Our Faith
In 1964, Antonian was built to serve a capacity of 500 young men. Today, the school enjoys a student body of nearly 750 young men and women. The Antonian experience, in all its diverse expressions, helps our students put their faith and love into action each day. Since 1964, we have offered the young people of San Antonio an education in the Catholic tradition. Our ultimate goal has always been to help form young men and women into the people that God is calling them to be – people with courage to lead and passion to serve. 
Our Future

Our vision is to be the finest educational institution that collaborates with parents in their responsibility to educate and form their children’s character, faith, and desire to provide service to others. With this vision, the Antonian Council, along with over one-hundred parents, friends, and alumni developed a strategic plan for our campus focusing on spirituality, academics, athletics, and extracurricular activities.


The “Our Faith, Our Future, Our Time” Capital Campaign will fund the foundation for our vision. We call on you, the Antonian family, to reflect upon those that gave not of their excess, but out of sacrifice.


Parents, alumni, students, coaches, and teachers created Antonian’s future, sometimes with a dollar in hand and other times with just a prayer. Our time is now to honor those who came before us so that current and future students might enjoy the fruits of their labor. Your generosity today will solidify our future, just as previous giving solidified our present.

Our Time

Over the last several years, Antonian’s growth has made it the largest Catholic high school in the Archdiocese of San Antonio with an enrollment of nearly 750 students. This growth is exciting, as it challenges us to identify ways to better serve our Antonian Community.


If we are to continue to serve our growing student body, we must also build new facilities that will allow them to learn and succeed at an even higher level. If nothing is done, the evolving and ever-growing educational needs of our students will begin to outpace the ability of the school to remain competitive and meet our promise of excellence.


The “Our Faith, Our Future, Our Time” Capital Campaign unites our efforts to raise $7.5 million to add the necessary facilities and endowment funding for our students to maximize their talents in Academics, Athletics, and Fine Arts.