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Academic Support Fridays

About Academic Support Fridays:
Because we have an alternate schedule this year, our Friday enrichment days allow time to help students who would benefit from extra tutoring and support in their courses. During that time, students are able to check in with their teachers to get tutoring or simply be on campus so that they can have quiet time to study and/or catch up on school work. These sessions are open for all students, but are mandatory for students failing three or more classes. 
Additional Information:
What is our criteria in inviting students?
  • Students that are failing three or more classes will be required to attend tutoring on Fridays. 
  • Any other student can attend if they wish. 
What if the student does not attend mandatory tutoring?
  • If a student is asked to attend a mandatory Friday session and cannot attend, they will need to make arrangements with their teachers and Ms. Ramon.
  • Further consequences will be determined on a case-by-case basis.
How will the supporting team become involved?
  • A Student Success Mentor will become involved when students are failing more than 3 classes. They will meet with the student and coordinate student/teacher conversations during Academic Support Fridays. 
How are the teachers a part of the process?
  • Teachers should communicate with any student who is struggling with an outreach to help. 
  • Grades are current and are updated each week
  • Conversation/email when grade falls below a 65 
  • Phone call to parents at weeks 4 and 7 if grades are not at passing
  • Make themselves available for tutoring/conference before/after school and on Fridays from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. pm
When do the invitations go out to the students in need of academic support?
  • Each week on Wednesday afternoons