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2021-2022 Course Selection Process

Parents and Students,
This year has presented a number of difficulties that have required all of us to make adjustments from our traditional ways of doing things. In previous years, Mr. Hill and I have met individually with every student to review their academic plans and confirm their course selections for the following school year. This year we will be altering this plan to ensure that we all continue to stay safe, by eliminating the transfer of physical papers back and forth.
On Monday, February 8th, Ms. Mason Finch will be sending out the 2021-2022 course selections to the student’s school email address by way of a Google Form. Students are encouraged to read/review the Course Offerings on our website prior to selecting their classes. Students will need to select their classes for the 2021-2022 school year, review them with their parents, and submit them by Monday, February 15th. 
All student selections will be reviewed by the academic counselors and then entered into the scheduling system. Since there will be no physical course cards, teacher signatures will not be required. Instead, students will be placed in courses only if they meet the grade requirements for placement as stated in the student handbook. Student course placement will be reviewed at the end of the school year after final grades are posted. If a student selects a class that does not match their endorsements or classes they are not eligible for, a counselor will contact the student individually via email, Google Hangout, or Zoom meeting to discuss alternate options.
Our goal is to complete this process and have all requests entered into the system by spring break. We continue to thank you for your patience as we continue to move through this pandemic.
Thank you,
Steve Perritano
Director of College Guidance