Welcome From The Counseling Department

We are blessed to be able to offer these services to you, our Antonian College Preparatory High School stakeholders in Catholic education. We strive to further strengthen the school-parent partnership, to provide support to parents as primary educators of their children, and to continue to do all that we can to help you in working toward the formation of the WHOLE child -- ensuring their academic, social, emotional, behavioral, and spiritual development. We believe that through a Christ-centered, solution-focused approach to counseling and working together with parents and students, each child can be successful in school!  



  • Provided through a Christ-centered, solution-focused approach.
  • Services are both proactive and responsive in nature and facilitate the students’ intellectual, spiritual, moral, social, and emotional development so that students can more effectively manage their lives and realize their God-given potential.
  • Centered on the formation of the whole person, services are offered to all students through class guidance lessons,
    individual and small group counseling sessions, as well as to all parents through parent and family counseling support.
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  • Coordinates individual planning in completing personal graduation plans, college applications, standardized testing
    (SAT/ACT), college exploration and vocational/career counseling, academic advising and course scheduling.
  • Rigorous six week course designed to review all SAT content, teach strategies, techniques, and ensure students
    are well prepared for the exam within 24 hours of in-class instruction.
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