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Frequently Asked Questions

Policy and Rules


Why do I need to complete the Student Library Visit Check-In Form and submit the Signed Yellow Pass when visiting the library?

  • It is an accountability measure.
  • You are required to come in with teacher's/staff’s completed yellow pass at all times, except when it is outside your school hours (a. before or after school, b.your open periods are at first period or last period ).
  • You (except if you are in the library with a class) are required to check in at one of the laptops at the Printer Counters upon every library visit.

May I consume food and/or beverages in the library?

No. It is to prevent any potential damages to the Chromebooks or books. Therefore, food/drinks are to be left at the designated table by the door while in the library.

If I have general policy questions regarding the library, where may I locate answers?

Since the ACP Library is an important part of the Antonian experience,  all students are to adhere to the Student Handbook regarding School Policies and Classroom Rules, the Computer Acceptable Use Policy, Digital Citizenship, and to the Antonian Honor Code. In addition, students are to observe the ACP Library Rules and Policy signed by each student. Library staff has the authority to respond to circumstances as needed.


Will I have access to a color printer in the library?

No. You must find ways outside the school to print color for school projects.

Will I be charged for printing?

Printing is free. However, we strongly encourage you to print your assignment at home as much as possible due to unpredictable technical issues.


May I be able to print from my phone or my device?

No. The printers are set up to only print from school Chromebooks and laptops.

How may I print from my own Google account, or files in my laptop or desktop that are not saved to school account?

If you can’t print at home, please upload your files from your computer/laptop to the Google drive of your student account, or download it to your thumb drive, before you come to school.

What is the procedure to print in the library?

  • You may print from either of the laptops that are dedicated for Student Library Visit Check In. After you checked in, select the new tab>log in to your student account>select your file, or you may select your file from your jump drive>Ctrl + P or click the printer icon>Print (Both laptop have already linked the black printer at the Printer Counter).
  • If you print from the school Chromebooks>Log in to the Chromebook>Select your file>Ctrl+P> Click the arrow at the Destination>Choose See more>Select the printer with (COCB9C)>Print>Pick up from the white printer at the circulation counter.

How to print from a website?

Log in to the Chromebook>Select the file>Preview the article, select the pages numbers that cover only the article or the session that are relevant to your assignment, so that you do not include all the ads or unrelated web pages to save the papers>Print> See more>Select the printer with (COCB9C) >Pick up your printouts from the white printer at the circulation counter.

Online Resources


May I access library resources online?

  • Yes!  You may access to ACP Virtual Library 24/7 from any electronic device with internet anywhere:>Academics>ACP Library   
  • The databases are IP authenticated. Meaning,  you don’t have to use username and password for ABC-CLIO, EBSCO, Facts on File and Gale on campus. It is more convenient to research at school than outside the campus.
  • Here is the Antonian Subscribed Online Resources Guide if you access from off campus.  You need to log in your school google account to be able to see the usernames and passwords.

Library Books     


 What are the general policies regarding books check out and check in?


How many books may I check out at a time?


How long may I check them out?

Four weeks

How may I renew them?

After you log in to the Destiny Discover>The three lines on the left>Checkouts>Renew.  You may renew once online

If I wish to use the books for longer than eight weeks?

Bring your books to the library and allow the library staff to recheck them for you, that is, if no one else places a hold on this took

May I check out a Chromebook to use outside the library?

No. We currently have limited Chromebooks. You may only use the Chromebooks in the library or in the classroom when they are reserved by your teacher

How to check out and check in books?

1) Bring them to the library staff

2) If you were away from the library, you may place a hold in your electronic device via Destiny Discover, our Library Catalog, then come to the library to check them out with the staff who have pulled them out from the shelves and hold them for you for no more than 10 days.

When should I return the library books that I checked out?
The “rule of thumb” is to return the library resources as soon as you finish them.  The sooner they are returned, the sooner you are off your responsibilities from those books.
What consequence may result if my account has overdue items?
In order to encourage students to make the best of our library resources, we will not charge overdue fine during the school year. However, you are expected to keep your library account updated by the end of each quarter.  Fine maybe accessed at the end of the school year starting on May 1 for the end of the school year account clearance purpose. Please also note that, in order to receive important documents from school, your library account must be in the clear. You will receive emails regarding overdue books weekly until actions like the online renewal or returning them to the library staff have been taken.
What is the replacement fee for lost or damaged items?
You are responsible for all related costs for replacement or repair if you damage library property in any fashion. The replacement fee = the cost of the item listed in the library catalog + a non-refundable processing fee of $5.00 per item. The exact replacement amount may be paid with cash, with a check (made payable to Antonian), or credit card to the library staff in the library. A refund check may be issued in the event that the lost item is found and returned to the library in good condition, no later than May 29, 2020.  A refund check only includes the cost of the item. Since students are responsible for the materials checked out to their name, we strongly advise against lending your library books to others, to avoid a possible replacement fee.  The best practice would be to invite your friend to go to the library with you after you check it in, he/she checks it out.