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Thrively is a new program that was introduced to our students in December 2020.  This program is here to help students find the right career path and help them develop the skills and experiences based on how God made them. With our seniors deciding their college majors and future careers and our freshmen, sophomores, and juniors deciding their course selection in just a few weeks, this program can help!
Assessment Guides:
Our student accounts have already been set up. Here is the video instruction for students to Login. Written steps:
In order to find the unfinished assessments:
  • Click "My Digital Portfolio"
  • Scroll down and they may find the prompt to complete them 
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Sample lessons students may find in Thrively. 

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Etiquette and Positive Reframing

Overview: Learn ways to reframe your thinking so that all of your questions are critically thought out, well-planned questions that inspire growth!

How did Stephen Curry become the MVP of the NBA?

Skills: Grit, Focus, Effort

Your Pathways

Overview: If you are like most people, you will have many jobs in your lifetime. 60% of your time will be on the job. Your mission in life is always be in jobs that you love!

Get Yourself Going With Goals! 

Skills: Goal Setting

My Playlists

Sample playlists that our students may find at their Thrively home page. A list of lessons or a combination of lessons, sparks, activities that help our students to develop the 16 essential skills:

Thrively Hall of Fame
Students may earn Thrively Badges as they meet certain criterias. It is evaluated on the 10th of each month.  Students may find their badges in their My Digital Portfolio page. 
Congratulations to the Thrively Badge Awardees from November 10, 2020 to March 10, 2021.  A few minutes a day with Thrively will help you grow wiser and gain essential skills. Check back on April 10 and see if your name is here.  
Senior Focus
As the Seniors are facing important decisions regarding their future, Thrively has some helpful and practical lessons to help our seniors navigate this juncture of their life. It took about 2-5 minutes to complete each lesson. But it is worth it.
  • College and Career Decisions Playlist Deciding your college major or future career path is not always simple. For most students, it is a process that consists of a series of steps to help you learn more about yourself and your passion!
  • Financial Literacy Playlist Financial literacy is the ability to manage your money. In this playlist, you will learn how to develop a spending plan, borrow, and save money responsibly.