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Library Rules, Policies, and Services

Library Hours
Regular Schedule: M-TH 7:30 am to 4:00 pm 
Early Release/F: 7:30 am  to 12:30 pm
Library Procedures
  • We strongly encourage you to stay in your classroom to receive your instructor's teaching during your classes.
  • Please wear face covering as you are in every classroom.
  • Complete the Student Library Check-In Form at the ACP library page on your Chromebook upon your sitting.
  • Complete the Student Library Visit Exit Form before you leave the library.
  • Food/drinks are not allowed in the library.
  • Phones are not allowed to use in the library during school hours.
  • The library is a quiet area for checking books, reading, charging chromebook, printing, study and doing assignments.
  • The Gallery and the Student Center may allow certain volume of talking while working on assignments or group projects.
Library Expectations
All students in the library are to adhere to the Antonian Student Handbook regarding School Policies and Classroom Rules, the Computer Acceptable Use Policy, Digital Citizenship, and the Antonian Honor Code. ( P18 - P 35, P77 ) as well as other library policies.
  • Observe the CDC Social Distancing guideline, in protection of yourself and others.
  • Be considerate of those who are studying in the library.
  • Respect your library staff, teachers, and other students in the library, as well as yourself.
  • Respect the library's property, equipment, and resources.  You are responsible for all related costs for replacement or repair if you damage them in any fashion. You may be reported to the Dean of Students for failure to adhere to these policies and expectations.
Library Privileges
  • Out-of-library use: You may check out a maximum of five books at a time. Proper antiseptic procedure will be conducted for protection.
  • You may place a hold on books from the library catalog anywhere and pick them up from the library when you are on campus, within 10 working days.
  • Anywhere/anytime access: Antonian Virtual Library enables you to search online programs and academic databases, printed books as well as eBooks.  You may simply read the eBooks from the library catalog by clicking "Open" under the Title.
  • Ask Your Librarian both online or in-person for research, information, Google classroom or google suite application assistance.  
  • Library Club and Student Library Assistant: You are welcome to join the club for your love of reading, or serve the library and school as office aid or for your community service hours.
  • Check out the Student Space for the constant updates of student centered tips and guides to help make your Antonian experience a success.
Check out Policy
  • There will be no fine during the school year to encourage you to read for knowledge and pleasure. You will receive a reminder of all your checked out items monthly. Please renew the items online or in person.
  • “The Rule of Thumb” is to return the library resources as soon as you finish them to avoid losing the items and allow others to check them out.
  • Fines will only incur starting May 1st for the End of the Year Library Account Clearance purpose. 
  • Replacement Fee for Lost or Damaged Items
    • The replacement fee is the cost of the item listed in the library catalog, plus a non-refundable processing fee of $5.00. You must pay the exact amount (with cash, or with a check made payable to Antonian) to the librarian in the library so that your account will be updated properly. 
    • We strongly advise against lending your library books to others so as to avoid a possible replacement fee. The best practice is for you to check in your book first, then let your friend check it out from the library.
    • A refund check will be issued in the event that the lost item is found and returned to the library in good condition, no later than the last day of school.  A refund check only includes the cost of the item.