Welcome From Our Campus Minister

Welcome from the Campus Minister

As a Catholic School, we believe that the holistic formation of our students includes their faith and spiritual growth.  Through Liturgy, retreats, and service opportunities, the Campus Ministry office creates authentic experiences of Christian life among and for all our students. 


On the larger front, the Campus Minister is responsible for organizing our weekly School Mass celebrations, prayer services, retreats, service projects, and community-building programs.  Our objective is to provide our students with opportunities that help them get closer to Christ during their High School career.

About Campus Ministry 

Our Campus Ministry program offers unique and challenging opportunities through which students can deepen their understanding of themselves and their faith. We strive to engage each student in developing a deep and lasting commitment by seeking to care for the spiritual needs of all our students.


Student Retreats

Each year students attend class retreats. These take place off-site and are a good opportunity to foster fellowship among each grade level, to have time for prayers, and for personal growth. The retreat program has extensive offerings for students to examine their faith life in a safe and nurturing environment. Furthermore, Antonian offers two independent retreats throughout the year, IHS and Kairos.

2021 - 2022 Student Service Hours

As Pope Francis says: "We all have the duty to do good." As part of our formation program, we ask students to report a minimum of 100 hours of service as a graduation requirement.  

A total of 100 hours of service is required for graduation. Students will go through an orientation for the service hour component at the beginning of the school year. Hours completed over the summer will go towards the following school year. Each grade level will be required to complete 10 service hours at a specific organization

The following are the organizations selected for each grade level for the 2021-2022 school year.

Freshmen: San Antonio Food Bank (Includes Habitat for Humanity and New Braunfels Food Bank)

Sophomores: SAMMinistries

Juniors: Habitat for Humanity

Seniors: May choose from any of the three organizations listed above

Apache Life:
The goal of these “Life Nights” is to provide students a chance to experience God in a different way as they engage with their peers.  Apache Life meets every other Thursday at 6:30 p.m.


Got Questions? Try Alpha!
Alpha is a tool for the New Evangelization that is being used by thousands of Catholic parishes in over 70 countries around the world. Alpha creates an environment and opportunity for an encounter with Jesus. As Pope Francis likes to say, it's a chance for "Jesus to find them.” More than 27 million people have experienced Alpha. It attracts many people, especially youth, who ask, "Is there more to life than this?" 


Liturgical Choir: 

Our student choir is lead by Mr. Bonner. They meet after school to practice. All are welcomed to join and help us lead our students at weekly Mass, no experience is needed. 

Campus Minister

Megan Diaz.

[email protected]

210-344-9265 ext. 127


Sacraments and Prayer

School-Wide Mass:

School-Wide Mass is held weekly in the Steve Hernandez Auditorium



Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament through Theology classes is held the first Friday of every month.


Advent Reconciliation Service:

2021 Advent Reconciliation Service - December 7, 2021


Lent Reconciliation Service:

2022 Lent Reconciliation Service - April 5, 2022