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Welcome To My Class



Power point 2 (Unit 7 cognition)

Hello class!!
This is the additional power point that I referred to yesterday in class!
This may also help in your LEARNING, ENCODING, & STORING information from this Unit 7!! :) 
*(it is from a different edition of the text, which is why it says chapter 8, but is still Myers and some of you may like it better than the other power point)


Welcome back to AP Psychology!!!! I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas break!!
We will be moving FAST this semester, so it will be imperative for us to keep on track as much as possible. For YOU, this means keeping up with your readings, flashcards, and "end of module" questions. For ME, some important thing this means is providing multiple ways for you to stay engaged in the learning process, staying on-track with daily class goals and activities, and keeping quiz/test dates on target!! 
I have attached the power point we will be using in class for Unit 7: Cognition.
This unit has SIX modules and we will be covering almost a module a day.
PLEASE see me if you have any questions/concerns!!
Dr. G.


Listed below are the videos that we will watch in class this week. You may also watch them on your own time to review!
google "Crash Course in Psychology" episodes 8 (consciousness) 9 (sleep and dreams) and 10 (altered states of consciousness: this one includes information from module 25 and we will review again, later)
** remember, our quiz this week will be on FRIDAY and will cover modules 22 and 23**
**journals will be checked before the quiz on Friday! Since I have not checked the past TWO journals, please make sure you have them ready as well :)
Dr. G.

AP Psychology worksheet modules 14&15

In lieu of a standard quiz on the last two modules of Unit 3 (Biological Bases of Behavior), please complete this worksheet, using your textbook and notes.
You may turn in this worksheet as soon as it is completed, however the last day that it will be accepted is Monday, November 13th during class!

Module 13 power point

This is a power point we did NOT use in class for module 13, but should also be useful especially when studying for cumulative tests.
** module 12 power point actually ends with SPLIT-BRAIN slides that BEGIN module 13!!!