Mrs. Hernandez is a lifetime learner, as evident in being a Texas Certified School Librarian; a Lifetime Professional ACSI Certified Library and Media Specialist; a Google Certified Educator Level 1; a Flipgrid Certified Educator; an Edpuzzle Certified Educator of Google Tools, Gamification and Edpuzzle Coach; Screencastify Certified Master Screencaster; TCEA Certified Educator for Google Sites, Chromebook and Google Certified Educator level 2; Kami Certified Educator Level 2; Book Creator Certified Author Level 1; Applied Digital Skills Ambassador and well versed in Thrively.com.  She holds multiple degrees (MLIS, BTH, and BA).  She is driven to learn to provide services and leadership effectively.


Mrs. Hernandez is a leader in librarian circles: a conference planner and a presenter in several librarian conferences; the coordinator of the San Antonio Private School Librarians Network;  the Chair of the New Members Round Table at the Texas Library Association (TLA); a graduate of TLA TALL Texans Leadership Development Class 2021; A member of TLA Texas Youth Creator Award Committee; and a journal contributor for both Texas Library Journal and CCM Challenger Magazine. She strives to mentor and encourage other librarians to play their vital role in their community during this uncertain time.  She also is a professional member of Texas Association of School Librarians and the Texas Computer Education Association.  


She has been a professional librarian for thirty years in both K-12 and college libraries.  She has designed two brand new school libraries, automated two libraries collections and upgraded three existing libraries to become the academic hub of the educational experience.  During those 30 years, she has served as the library director, library science instructor, public access librarian, collection development specialist, reference librarian, reading programs coordinator, library skills instructor, technical librarian, cataloger, digital resources administrator, acquisition librarian, mentor for Student Academic Success Program and Student Library Assistants, moderator for Library Club/Book Club/Book Society...


Mrs. Hernandez loves to empower faculty and ensure students' success and is passionate about making a difference.


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