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Clubs and Organizations

In addition to a strong foundation in faith and a rigorous academic program, Antonian offers a full range of extracurricular activities. The main goal of our extracurricular program is to provide students an opportunity to develop character and leadership skills and to offer opportunities to expand their interests.


Participation in these activities helps students learn to negotiate, communicate, manage conflict, and manage time, as well as gain academic and intellectual competence, and moreover, are great entries for a college resume. With over 30 active clubs and organizations, these activities allow for personal growth of students in areas of interest to them. Please click on the name of the club or organization to learn more about them. 

   Student Ambassadors

awOur Mission: Honor, Achievement, Reward
Apache Awards Club:
The purpose of the Apache Awards Club is to promote an organization that rewards their peers. We want students who want to honor their peers through treats and other positive acknowledgments to foster continuous improvement and support for academic achievement. 
alifeOur Mission: Fun, Friends, Faith
Apache LIFE:
The purpose of Apache LIFE is for students to gather with their peers for faith, friendship, and fun. It is planned and led by senior team members for an experience that is entertaining and relevant to a high school student's life.
APACHE MINDSOur Mission: Help, Friends, Faith
Apache Minds:
The purpose of Apache Minds is for students to gather and discuss positive ways to encourage growth. 
artOur Mission: Creativity, Fun, Friendship
Art Club:
The purpose of Art Club is for students to gather with their peers to create art of all kinds. It is planned and led by the teacher and creative direction is completed by the students. Art is created around the campus and the community. 
atOur Mission: Saftey, Leadership, Empathy 
Athletic Trainers:
The purpose of Athletic Trainers is for students to engage and learn skill sets that encourages and fosters leadership, empathy for others, and serves as an introduction to medical care. 
Our Mission: Music, Performance,  
The purpose of Band is to encourage musical growth and responsibility by providing musical and visual experiences and performances. The goal is to help our students achieve their potential as they develop, confidence, and achieve the highest standards of musical education. 
lcOur Mission: Read, Write, Illustrate
Book Club with a Creative Twist or formerly called Library Club:
  • Our Mission: Leadership, Inspiration, and Creativity
  • Our Purposes: Share the Joy of Reading. Discover the Journey of Authorship. Connect with People Who Share the Love of Learning.
  • Our Officers: President-Adriana Diaz; Photographer-Lily DeWalt; Public Relations-Reese Reinecke; Secretary-Anabelle Rocha
  • Our Activities: Each member and moderator take turns to design and preside over the weekly activities
  • Our Moderators: Mrs. Hernandez - Librarian   Mrs. Miller - Library Assistant
  • Our Meeting Time: Thursdays 5th period
Our Mission: Competition, Opportunity, Skill Set  
Moderator: Mr. Jasen Anno
The purpose of bowling is to teach and build a competitive
team and individual. Members of this organization have the opportunity
to win scholarships and compete at a collegiate. 
Tryout Information:
October 12th and October 13th  at AstroBowl. See Coach Anno for 
more information.
CCOur Mission: Value, Passion, Challenge
The purpose of the Chess Club is to teach beginners the game of chess and it's challenges and rewards. For our advanced members its to teach them an advance skill level to make chess a "game for life".
Our Mission: Performance, Leadership, Competitor 
The purpose of the Dance organization is to build character and a skill set that will carry beyond the dance floor. 
dcOur Mission: Character, Leadership, Drama
The purpose of the Drama Club is to organize all shows and extracurricular drama workshops and drama club activities. We are a fun group and we welcome everyone to come participate.
ecOur Mission: Awareness, Solutions, Preservation 
Environmental Club:
The purpose of the Environmental Club is to promote awareness of the current state of our environment and to educate our community on how to go "greener." This club is open to all students who have an interest in making our community a healthier place. 
gdOur Mission: Create, Learn, Play
Game Design:
The purpose of Game Design is to play and analyze games looking for strengths and weaknesses in mechanics, aesthetics, narrative, and use that information to design and build their own games. 
Our Mission: Give, Work, Lead
Helping Hands: 
The purpose of Helping hands is to lead projects that give back to the others within our school and in our community. These projects are not only to give but to teach the student how to lead with purpose. 
Our Mission: Faith, Lead, Serve
The purpose of In His Service is to provide retreats for our students which is lead by upperclassmen. These retreats serve as an opportunity to foster a deeper relationship in our faith. 
lcOur Mission: Learning, Passion, Excellence
Latin Club:
The purpose of the Latin Club is to prepare for Area and State competitions and build espirt de corps.
Our Mission: Music, Communication, Praise
Liturgical Choir:
The purpose of the Liturgical Choir leads the school in song and worship during weekly Mass. Practice is held after school and all singers are welcomed.
Our Mission: Service, Faith, Mission
Liturgical Service Ministry:
The purpose of the Liturgical Service Ministry is to perform the liturgical function of assisting the priest or deacon by taking responsibility for many of the details in the preparation of the altar and vessels for weekly Mass and other special celebrations of the year.
Our Mission: Leadership, Mathematics, Service
Mu Alpha Theta:
Mu Alpha Theta is a National Mathematics Honor Society encompassing over 65,000 students in more than 1,400 schools. We are dedicated to inspiring keen interest in mathematics and developing strong scholarship in the subjects.
Our Mission: Leadership, Service, Honor
National Honor Society:.
The National Honor Society is a nationwide organization for high school students in the United States. Selection is based on four criteria: scholarship, leadership, service, and character.  
ping pngOur Mission: Awareness, Fun, Learning
Ping Pong:
Ping Pong Club is a great way to build new friendships while having fun. Students plan and participate in
after-school tournaments. Bring your friends!
Our Mission: Awareness, Giving, Advocating
Respect Life Club:
The Respect Life Club is an organization aimed at bringing awareness and advocating for the respect of life. 
Our Mission: Fun, Technology, Teamwork
The purpose of Robotics is to strengthen STEM-oriented critical thought using a hand-on approach. The Robotics Club is a competition-centered organization with the purpose of solving problems using robotics technology and engineering methodology.
Our Mission: Leadership, Faith, Awareness
Rosary Club:
The Rosary Club comes together to make rosaries that are donated to different organizations such as hospitals, jail ministries, mission trips, and other locations.
Our Mission: Prayer, Faith, Awareness
Rosary Club:
The Rosary Prayer Club comes together to pray for intentions of the community both locally and nationally.
Our Mission: Achievement, Leadership, Community
Spanish National Honor Society:
The Spanish National Honor Society or the Sociedad Honoraria Hispanica is a national organization which recognizes high achievement in Spanish and Portuguese by students of secondary schools. Promotes continuity of interest in the respected studies. 
Our Mission: Competition, Speech, Debate
Speech and Debate:
The National Speech and Debate Association connects, supports, and inspires a diverse community committed to empowering students through competitive speech and debate.  
Our Mission: Community, Action, Sportsmanship
Spirit Club:
The purpose of the Spirit Club is to promote school spirit reflecting our Catholic identity and mission, by planning pep rallies to show support and appreciation to our teams. Actively participate in Antonian events and create posters and media that promote ACP. 
Our Mission: Awareness, Change, Community
St. Francis Society:
The Purpose of the St. Francis Society is to encourage compassion and awareness for all God's creatures, great or small. We are dedicated to improving the lives through volunteering and donations of food, blankets, and other items needed to provide comfort to animals in shelters.
Our Mission: Leadership, Service, Commitment 
Student Council:
Acts as a liaison between students and administration. The board organizes/develops major school functions and fundraisers to include service projects and Spirit Week Activities. 
Our Mission: Writing, News, Satire 
The Tomahawk is a student-run satire newspaper that covers the day to day topics and life of our Apaches. 
Our Mission: Competition, Clay Shooting, Commitment 
Trap Club:
Trap Club offers the students the opportunity to learn safety, education, and increased interest in shotgun target practice.  
TCOur Mission: Learning, Travel, Tourist  
Travelers Club
Students have the opportunity to learn about the world around them without ever leaving the classroom. 
Our Mission: Academic, Excellence, Community  
Student Council:
Acts as a liaison between students and administration. The board organizes/develops major school functions and fundraisers to include service projects and Spirit Week Activities.