Ways We Communicate

Below are some of the additional ways we communicate with our parents and students. 


EDLIO SCHOOL APP:  Head over to the app store and download the "School News" app. Search for Antonian College Preparatory High School. You will receive alerts for important announcements and notifications. For instructions on how to access the app click here. 


PARENT/GUARDIAN INFORMATION:  If your mailing address, email, or phone number has changed, please update your new information by filling out the “Parent/Guardian Form” located to the right to submit your updated information.

SEND US YOUR IMPORTANT NEWS:  Do you have a great story or accomplishment that you want to share? Simply click on the link below to share your story with us.

SUBSCRIBE TO YOUR TEACHER PAGES:  Stay in contact with your child’s teachers. Visit their respective “teacher pages”  found under  “faculty directory.” Click on the specific class period that your child is in then click on the subscribe button to the left of the teacher’s page to automatically receive updates. You may also click on their email to directly contact your child’s teacher.

NAVIANCE: Naviance is a college, career, and academic counseling readiness solution that helps parents, students, and faculty align student strengths and interests. You will receive periodic notifications from Naviance, and should you need transcripts, letters of recommendation, or need to search for colleges, etc. this would be your main resource.  If you are having trouble logging in please contact our Academic Counselor, Steve Perritano at [email protected]

TX CONNECT: Tx Connect parent portal provides parents and students access to important information such as attendance, grades, assignments, test scores and more. You can set alerts to your child’s account so you are notified when changes in grades and attendance occur. If you are having trouble logging in please contact our Registrar, Laura Rodriguez, at [email protected].


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LIKE US ON FACEBOOK: In an effort to expand and boost our school presence throughout the city and enhance school communications we ask that you join our Facebook page – we encourage you to “share” the exciting events that take place here at Antonian.


LIKE US ON TWITTER AND INSTAGRAM:  Join Twitter and Instagram and see what we are “tweeting” and “posting” by following us.