Grading Policy

(Archdiocesan Policy 7103-7104)

Evaluating and Reporting


The academic progress of each student is an important goal of Antonian. Grading, at the root of it, is a means of communicating the academic progress of a student’s mastery of content to the student and his or her parents/guardians.


For purposes of calculating a quarter grade average,

  • homework/daily work is worth 10%;

  • minor projects/quizzes are worth 35%;

  • major projects/tests are worth 55%.

For purposes of calculating the semester grade average, each of the two quarters is worth 40% and the semester exam is worth 20%.


For purposes of extracurricular participation status, student progress is formally monitored every 4½ weeks. Students who are failing more than one course at each 4½ week interval are placed on the ineligibility list. These students may practice, but they may not participate in any competitive event or performance. These students may not wear uniforms, or attend a game or event in any capacity other than as a spectator.

Grading Period and Scale


Instruction at Antonian is divided into two (2) semesters, which include in each semester, two (2) nine (9) week quarters. Grades are recorded numerically. Beginning with the 2016-2017 school year, the grading scale has changed. The following is the grade equivalency that is used:

Numeric Grade

90 to 100

80 to 89

70 to 79

65 to 69

Below 65

Letter Grade