Phase III: Fine Arts

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A new Fine Arts Center will maximize students' creative and musical talents. At present, Art has one classroom to conduct five instructional periods a day, with students at various levels of learning. There is limited space for students to work on long term projects and/or exhibit their creative talents. The Fine Arts Center will allow students to work on long-term artistic projects and showcase their finished work with pride. 

Fine Arts Facility

The Fine Arts Center, a new two-story building, will be home to drama, visual arts, choir, dance, and the Mighty Apache Band. The Fine Arts Center will replace the current practice gym that will be demolished once the Indoor Multi-Sport Facility is completed.

Located on the first floor will be:

  • Art classrooms equipped with a sink area

  • A theatre for individual and small group practice and performances

  • Gallery space for visual arts, choir and theatre

  • A long-awaited Band Hall dedicated to the Mighty Apache Band

  • Storage areas for props and musical instruments

  • The second floor will accommodate dance and eight new full-size class rooms for future buildout



Future Fine Arts Building