Phase I: Pettit Family Center For Academic Excellence

Phase One saw the expansion of the Antonian academic presence with the renovation of the Retreat Center to the new Pettit Family Center for Academic Excellence. Officially opened for the 2017-2018 school year, the Center is the new home for the student resource center and library, flexible and technology-integrated classroom space, and the Crane Family Learning Center. The second floor provides six much-needed classrooms utilized for Social Studies curriculum.

Going above and beyond traditional academic study, the Pettit Family Center for Academic Excellence provides the necessary resources critical in today’s college preparatory environment. The Center is a newly constructed instructional facility engineered to give students the ultimate opportunity to enhance their classroom learning. The center is constructed similar to a college commons area and acts as the academic hub of the school. Students have access to the school library, databases for conducting research, and opportunities to enhance writing skills.


Our goal is for the Center to have extended hours so that students may gather for special projects and broaden their intellectual activities. Among some of the items in support of student learning are:

  • Prime location in front of the school and proximity to the Chapel of the Saints

  • Staffed with dedicated resources to support all students and their academic needs

  • Writing/Research labs for students to delve deeper into areas of study utilizing databases and other research tools used in university study

  • Tutorial lab and special assistance for students with learning differences such as Dyslexia and ADHD, or students in need of extra instruction outside of scheduled classroom activities

  • On campus preparation classes to improve SAT and ACT scores

  • Information seminars covering study skills, time management, choosing a major, deciding on a university, and searching for scholarships 

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