Additional Electives and Other Courses

This class is about understanding the governing principles of creating professional video, the stakes involved, the power it wields, the legacy tools and techniques that will transfer into the future, and the fast transformation that is occurring. All facets of professional movie making are covered such as pre-production, lighting, sound, editing, animation, front-of-camera, interviewing, cinematography, traditional production, non-traditional hack, etc. Within this cultural context, business, marketing, social media making, documentaries, culture-shaping, politics, future technology, algorithms, metaphors in life, platforms technologies, sharing economies, the blockchain, and other emerging movements are discussed. 

Introduction to Game Design explores foundational design and development practices of games. Through hands-on and project-based learning, students learn to use professional game-development tools and software to create engaging, interactive games in a variety of styles. Through interdisciplinary study, students explore and apply existing concepts in the fields of mathematics, physics, computer programming, and psychology to game development. By implementing real-world and professional design methodologies, students will experience the development process from conception to finished product.

Personal Finance is designed to teach students to discern their current knowledge of and relationship with money and the various ways finances impact their lives. They will learn principles that will help them wisely and responsibly develop, plan for, and achieve their financial goals. 


Health is a one-semester course, Health students will learn many skills and be provided the information needed to help make healthy decisions while maintaining or improving their current health. Health class will build, teach, and motivate students to gain the knowledge necessary through the emotional, mental, physical, and social aspects of health. The main focus of the course is to guide students to live a completely healthy and positive lifestyle.