Course Levels and Placement

All Antonian courses are designed to prepare the students for success in college. Courses are designated at three levels: College Preparatory (CP), Honors (H), and Advanced Placement/Dual Credit (AP/DC).


For those students who have demonstrated the ability to be challenged at a higher level, Honors and Advanced Placement/Dual Credit courses are offered. Students who fail to maintain the required academic performance to remain at the current level are subject to removal from the current level.

Entering 9th-grade students are placed in courses based on performance on the High School Placement Test (HSPT) results and the results of other recently completed standardized test results. Although grades and teacher recommendations are considered, standardized test scores have shown to be the best indicator of student success in course levels at Antonian. In general, a student must score in the 75th percentile or higher to be considered for placement in Honors level coursework in the 9th grade.

Rising sophomores, juniors, and seniors are placed in courses based on performance in preceding coursework of the same discipline. In cases in which the student does not meet the normal standards for placement in the next higher level, a student may request teacher recommendation by signature during the course selection and advisement process. Academic advisement for course placement for the subsequent year takes place in the spring through a conference with the staff of the Counseling Department.

In general, a student must maintain an average of 80 or higher to remain in the Honors or AP/DC course level. To be placed at a higher level, a student must have an average of 90 or higher in the current course level.


In addition, to be placed in DC course levels, a student must meet minimum test score requirements as defined by the university through which Antonian maintains its dual credit relationship (presently St. Mary’s University).


It is the policy that any student who is placed in a course at the AP course level meets the same minimum test score requirements as those students placed in courses at the DC course level.