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Daily Mass

Time: 7:20 AM – 7:50 AM
Place: Chapel of the Saints
It's a great day to be an Apache! Image

It's a great day to be an Apache!


As promised, we have been monitoring the weather, including the effect on the roads and the utility grid. We are aware that many people are without power, which may or may not include access to the Internet. 

With the expectation of another hard freeze tonight that will undoubtedly cause any moisture on roads to refreeze and the on-going power outages all across the metropolitan area, we have decided that we will cancel school altogether tomorrow, February 16, 2021. That is, we will not have in-person or virtual classes at all. 

With that having been said, we will turn our attention to the weather for Wednesday, February 17, 2021. Present forecasts indicate that there is a 60% chance of freezing rain Tuesday night into Wednesday morning. We will update plans for Wednesday as more up-to-date information becomes available.

Thank you.