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Morning Mass

Time: 7:20 AM – 7:50 AM
Place: Chapel of the Saints
It's a great day to be an Apache! Image

It's a great day to be an Apache!

Antonian Engineering Class

Mrs. Toscano and her Engineering students have been utilizing a unit guide that leads students through the internalization of the engineering design process as they create a camera obscura in a room in their house. 

You need two things: any light-tight chamber and a small hole on one side of the chamber. Light enters the hole and projects an image of the outside scene on the opposite wall. Attached are some examples of their designs and images.
Antonian Student Council

Student Council moderators Ms. Jenny Russell and Coach Jasen Anno, along with executive board members Maddy Trevino, Tori Garza, and Jenna Williamson came together on September 11th to show their appreciation to our first responders.

They dropped off tacos and coffee to the Castle Hills Police and Fire Department in honor of their service.

We thank them for their act of kindness.
Meet Antonian: Mrs. Martinez
Many factors contribute to a student’s academic success. Research suggests that, among school-related factors, teachers matter most.

With experience managing a classroom, sophomore class moderator and math teacher, Mrs. Martinez has established a method that connects with her students.

Mrs. Martinez sets high standards for her students and encourages each of them to reach that goal.

Her dedication to math and, more importantly, to her students has allowed Mrs. Martinez to help students become successful by encouraging, nurturing, and teaching them that teaching math goes beyond the numbers.